Project Name
24 storey building with basement, ground and mezzanine floor car parkings at Gudhabiya
Aref Sadiq design consultant
Six storey building at Hoora Exhibition road And 12 Storey building at Hoora 312
Sanad Engineering
Show rooms at Seef Mall for Italia Botique
Al Rayes Décor
Sitra Mall Shops extension for boutiques
Hempel Paints - Sitra
Foam Deluge system
3 Warehouse at Abu Jarjur
Arab Architects
11 storey 3 Buildings at Gudhebiya for Al Naqoosh
PMD Warehouse at Royal Court-Kingdom of Bahrain
Royal Court Engineering
Oil rig at Qatar - Design, supply and commissioning of Helideck Fire Fighting pumpsets, for Aban India
Aban Offshore Ltd Qatar
Zamil Tower Manama-FM 200 System
ABAN VII Pte Ltd, Lamprell - Sharjah Helideck Fire booster pumps
Aban VII Pte Ltd, at Lamprell Site Sharjah, UAE
Bahrain world trade centre - Sheraton Tower
WJ Atkins & Partners
AlMaa Tower at Gudhebiya- Addressable fire alarm - Intelligent system
Aref Sadiq Design & Engineering consultants
Al Mattar Buildings at Juffair
Al Mattar Real Estate
Adax Office Building at Seef- FM 200 System
United Engineering
Al Khindi Hospital at Zenj - Addressable fire alarm - Intelligent system
13 storey building at Sanabis - Staircase pressurization system
Pad Architects & Design
Seven Storey Apts Building at Seef Rabiya Tower
AKBARI Architects
15 storey building at Juffair
Arab Architectures and Design Consultant
Three Warehouse at Al Farsiya - Alba Paschal Factories at Abu Jarjur & GAC at Abu Jarjur
Koheji contractors - Al Arab Architects
Hydrant system at BDF Medical complex
Aac - BDF Engineering
Rescue Boat and Davit for Offshore Rig
Aban rig - Singapore
13 Storey Talal Abu Gazaleh Head quarters
Modern architects
Investate Bank - BFH 35 & 36TH & floors on west tower
Three 16 storey buildings at Juffair for AlNamal Construction
Al Namal -Global Engineering
Five storey with basement car park building at Amwaj Island
Hassan Sultan real estates
Bahrain City centre - Jawad Furnishings
14 Storey with mezzanine floor (Car park & flats) at Busaiteen for M/s Mohd Ahmed A ali & 21 Storey (Car park & flats) at Juffair for M/s Khalid Khalil Ebrahim Zubari
Al aynati - SANAD Engineering
Carryfour at Bahrain city centre FM 200 & CO2 Systems for LV/HV & Generator rooms
Las Holdings -(Las Contracting Middle East)
BFH Tower - 11th floor offices in west tower
Harbor 360 Business centre Maizen Interior
Warehouse at AL Farsisya and labour accommodation facilities
Arab Architects
25 storey apartment building with car parks at Juffair NASMAH TOWER - R.M.K Projects
Saleh Al Koheji Engineering consultants
E - Government Building at Muharaq - FM200 & BCCI Building at Sanabis 11th office floor
PAD Architects and Design
Royal Court Garage at West Riffa - Fire proof intumescent coating on structural steel
Adel Ahmedi Associates Architects & Engineers
Six Storey Building with basement car park and show rooms at Gudhebiya
Al Mark Properties
Stadium at Isa Town - Fire sealants
Mohammed Jalal Contracting
Awal Diary at Diraz for NETTS
Arabian East Beauro Engineering Consultants
Islamic Enlightenment Society Center At Diraz
Global Engineering Beauro Consultancy
Al Nafees Hospital at Zenj - Addressable Fire Alarm system
Al Aarrayed
14 Storey Residential Building at Juffair For Al Masood
Orchid Developers
20 Storey car park and apartment building at Juffair - hala tower
Sand Engineering
Bahrain Fiberglass Factory - Mina Salman
Global Engineering
10 Storey apartment building at Sanabis - Hyatt
Modern Architects
19 Storey car park and office tower building at Juffair
Sanafee - Architectural World
18 Storey car park and apartment building at Juffair
Al Dhahiya - Architectural World
18 storey Future bank head quarters building at Seef
Middle East Engineering Consultants
Bahrain Block Factory at Al Farziya - Alba
Paschal / Koheji - Kuwait
Multistory office complex at Salmabad for Global Express
Gulf House Engineering
Three Multistorey Villas at West Riffa for Mohammed Ebrahim Allengawi - Plumbing Drainage
Modern Architects
Two Warehouses at BANAGAS at Jebal
Two warehouses at BDF Head quarters and BDF compounds
Mohamed Ahmedi Constructions
BDF West Riffa airbase warehouses- Fire Proof Intumescent coating on structural steel
BDF Engineering
Lausche Fiberglass Factory at Hidd
Tebodin Middle East
5 storey commercial Building at Sanad 747
Garib engineering consultancy
US Naval command Navy Milcon Water front Development Phase 1 & 2
US naval Command Contrack Intl
US Naval Support Activity Toilet facilities at Mina Salman port at DD-0397
US Command support Koheji Contractors