We are specialised in the following

  • Sprinkler System Pre-action and deluge systems
  • Wet Riser, Dry Riser and Hose reel Systems
  • Foam Water Deluge Systems
  • Fire Hydrant external Fire fighting systems
  • CO2 Gas suppression Fire Containment system
  • FM 200 Suppression System
  • Kitchen Hood Wet chemical Fire control system
  • Dry chemical Fire fighting system
  • Inert Gas Fire suppression systems for Transformers and Generators, pump houses, etc.....
  • Transportable Extinguishing and Fire Monitor systems
  • Gas detection Fixed and transportable systems and water leak detection system
  • Fire Alarm, detection and Monitoring Conventional and Addressable systems
  • Intruder Alarms and perimeter protection systems
  • Mechanical Car park Ventilation systems
  • Stair case pressurization systems
  • Structural steel Fire proofing and Epoxy flooring
  • Fire doors and Penetration Fire Sealants

Fire Extinguisher Refilling services and Maintenance

We provide fire Extinguisher Refilling, Services, Maintenances and Revalidation Certifications in 24 hour notice at any locations in Bahrain.

We sell at lowest in prices in Bahrain all reputed and Approved brands of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Fighting Equipments.

Products Directly Sold in Manama Show Room

  • Fire Extinguishers portable, trolley mounted and automatic of all types
  • ABC Dry chemical type from 1 Kg hand held type to 50 Kg trolley mounted
  • Water -Nitrogen type hand held and transportable types
  • CO2 Conventional type 2 Kg hand held type onwards up to 50 Kg transportable trolley mounted types
  • Fire buckets and fire safety signages
  • Foam -Water type hand held types to trolley mounted transportable types
  • Automatic types ceiling mounted ABC dry chemical types
  • Clean agent stored pressure hand held type Extinguishers
  • Fire Hose reel drums with hose reels 3/4" and 1" sizes x 30 Mtr long swing manual and swing automatic types
  • Fire Hose Cabinets MS red color Epoxy powder coated direct wall mounted type and recess mounted types
  • Fire Hose rack equipment and cabinets with glass front and solid doors
  • Fire Hydrants Wet Barrel type and Dry pillar type with and without isolation valves (Pillar & undergrounds type)
  • Wet and Dry riser landing valves oblique standard types and Pressure Reducing type landing valves
  • Fire Brigade Inlet breaching connectors and valves
  • Fire Hoses non percolating braided types in different sizes and lengths with male female instantaneous couplings
  • Fire fighting branch pipes short , long and foam fog types
  • Fire Monitors and Foam Monitors and adjustable fog branch pipes
  • Trolley mounted Mobile Foam units and foam proportioning fixed units
  • Sprinkler wet alarm valve assemblies and Pre action Valves UL Listed
  • Deluge Valve assemblies and Foam deluge valves UL Listed
  • Pressure reducing valves , gate valves , sluice valves , OS & Y gate valves
  • Zone Control Butterfly valves with tamper switch assemblies UL Listed
  • Water flow switches and water flow meters UL Listed
  • Sprinkler heads pendent, upright, side wall type and concealed type UL Listed FM approved
  • UL Listed flexible tube sprinkler assembly droppers
  • Fire Pumpset assemblies packaged type as per NFPA and Civil Defence approval
  • Fire pumpsets assemblies packaged type UL listed
  • Fire containment and rescue vehicles
  • Fire Alarm and Detection system Control panels
  • Conventional and addressable systems
  • Smoke , Heat , Flame detectors , Alarm bells, Manual call points, modules etc
  • Fire alarm Cable LPCB approved and Fire rated FP 200 and sheathed MICC cables
  • Fire Curtains , Smoke extractors and smoke ventilation systems
  • Staircase pressurisation Fire rated fans

Fixed Fire Protection System Design And Installations Provided By Us

  • Sprinkler system Wet & Dry pipe system
  • Water Deluge system
  • Water spray – water mist system
  • Foam water mixing and proportionate Sprinkler systems
  • Hydrant systems and Fire monitors , foam deluge systems
  • Foam Extinguishing system -Low . medium , high expansion foams

Passive Fire Protection & Structural Steel Fire Proof Coatings Fire Rated Partitions

  • Fire protection paints for wood, steel, etc....
  • Fire proof intumescent coating for structural steel and timber
  • Fire proof cementitious coating for structural steel
  • Fire barrier, collars, Foam Barriers, sealants & pillows

Industrial Marine Equipments

  • Rescue boats and davits
  • Blasting air /aqua blast machines and blasting grit /copper slag materials
  • Aviation marine fixtures and lighting equipment, etc...
  • Material handling equipment and storage systems
  • Chemical spill safety
  • Oil spill containment and sorbents, pads, etc...

General Mechanical and Engineering Solutions

  • Water Curtain System
  • Fire Rated Doors And Shutters
  • Fire Rated Partitions
  • Staircase Pressurisation System
  • Smoke Evacuation And Mechanical Ventilation System
  • Smoke Curtains And Fire Curtains

Safety and Environmental

  • Occupational Safety equipment - Eye , ear and head protection
  • Safety Goggles , ear muff and helmets
  • Safety face masks half masks and full face masks
  • Safety foot wear and coveralls
  • Chemical protection wears and hoods
  • Emergency escape Breathing devices
  • First Aid Kits
  • Breathing apparatus and breath air supply stations
  • Fall arrest systems ,safety harnesses and life lane yards
  • Emergency shower and eye bath stations
  • Gas detection and monitoring equipments portable and fixed systems